Corporate Real Estate Professional, 29, New York, NY

"I worked with Alison through a range of challenges, both personal and professional. She was always an intent listener and thoughtful in her responses while providing an entirely new perspective I hadn’t previously considered. Alison helped me work through things from the past and also develop proactive strategies to prevent similar issues in the future. She is someone I trusted with anything and always felt comfortable sharing with. Also, Alison made a point to always make herself available which was always appreciated. I would strongly recommend her to anyone."

Engineering Supervisor, 29, Brooklyn, NY

"I started working with Alison when I had just gotten married and was facing codependency/anxiety issues and frustrations with expressing myself. I always felt like Alison really listened to what I had to say and understood where I was coming from. At the same time she was able to let me see things from a different perspective. She really made me feel at ease so I could open up and share everything. One thing that was extremely helpful was Alison helped me identify my “triggers” and what to do when encountering them. Alison also gave me specific ways to redirect my overwhelming emotions with new thought models and handouts."

PR Account Executive, 31, New York, NY

"I initially connected with Alison to talk about a few different things. I was struggling with confidence at a previous job in PR and reached out to Alison to help me manage my anxiety at work. That was the main issue, but she also helped me continue managing an eating disorder and deal with a family medical issue. I really liked how comfortable and understood Alison made me feel during our sessions. From our first phone call, to our last session, I always felt like I could open up to her and share what was truly on my mind without fear of judgment. I also liked how available Alison was. Between sessions, I could text her or reach out to her if something came up or I needed to quickly talk about something. She also checked in on me in between sessions if she knew that we had an especially challenging session the last time we met. That made me feel really supported, especially when I was going through particularly challenging times."

Executive Assistant, 23, Astoria, NY

"Before I met Alison I was suffering from anxiety and recent losses I had experienced in my family. Also, I was going through major life transitions that I was having a difficult time adjusting to. Since we started working together I am able to think about things more logically and manage my anxiety in a better way. I am more in tune with my emotions and have learned to suppress things less, allowing myself to address my problems head on. Alison helps me view situations through a more positive perspective and helps me try to address my obstacles in a more constructive and mature way. She provides detailed and well thought out plans about ways to cope with situations and conflict in your life. She’s always very understanding, listens and responds to my problems with thoughtful advice and guidance. I feel completely safe and comfortable when I am speaking to her, and she never makes me feel judged or worried about what I have to say."

Graduate Student, 23, Brooklyn, NY

"I started therapy with Alison as an unconfident woman in her early 20s looking to begin dating. Alison helped me work through problems that hindered my abilities to be comfortable and confident in my dating life so that by the end of my therapy with her, I was able to reach out to people I was interested in dating. We worked on building up my capacity to not take rejections too personally, which allowed me to become less inhibited when trying to talk to new people. Overall, I'm so thankful for my time working with Alison and I've learned skills that I can take with me and use for a lifetime."

Media Revenue Strategy and Operations Manager, 25, New York, NY

"I am very happy and grateful that I found Alison through Psychology Today website. I started seeing her approximately one year ago because of past experiences with depression, trauma, anxiety and ADHD: all of which I’ve never really felt comfortable digging deep into with other therapists. Alison’s empathetic demeanor, and supportive and non-judgmental environment made it easier for me to dig deep into the roots of my emotions and experiences. Moreover, she adjusts her methods and approach to individual needs, and has really impacted my life in many positive ways. For example, she provides me with a lot of actionable items going beyond a standard talk therapy. Per my request, she also keeps me accountable for to-do items I’ve promised to do, which I have found to working for me the best. Some of the things I’ve been able to do are being more vulnerable both in workplace and personal life, as well as, positioning/thinking about my emotions and feelings in a non-harmful way and more objectively. After every session, I feel like a huge stone has been lifted off my shoulders and have been able to do things that I previously considered uncomfortable, such as apologizing to coworker or admitting certain things that I have denied in the past. Alison has taught me very valuable skills and tools that have been changing my life on everyday basis.".

Student at NYU , 21, New York, NY

Hi Alison! I just got all of my grades back for the semester and I DID GREAT! I really want to thank you for how much you've helped me over the past semester. Taking my finals and my exams this semester was a completely different experience, I felt so calm the entire time and it worked! I think I've become a calmer exam taker & studier. So I just wanted to say thank you.

Business Systems Analyst, 33, New York, NY

Hi Alison, I have been wanted to message you to tell you that I got engaged back in November. No words can fully express my gratitude for what you did for me to help me get to where I am in my relationship and as a person. You should know that what you do makes a huge difference.